About ArtWork Media

ArtWork Media’s mission is to combine artistry and acumen for a more inspiring workplace.

We think the market is ready – even yearning – for training videos that are relevant, that employ high production values, that get people thinking, and that inspire people and companies to improve. Chocolate: Passion at Work is the first of a new a new generation of intelligent video-based learning programs that are designed to stimulate “thinking” adults instead of just encouraging the repetition of obvious key points. The results we are seeing tell us we are on the right track. Customers report higher levels of engagement. Participants feel respected and that their perspectives are valued. The lessons they learn – from themselves and other participants – are much more memorable and personalized.

ArtWork Media was founded by Rob Chipman. Prior to starting ArtWork Media, he launched an internet marketplace for a wide variety of online training videos. From that experience, he realized that many of the videos currently available are dated and somewhat lacking in authenticity and inspiration. Seeing a scarcity of highly engaging training videos prompted the formation of ArtWork Media. Chocolate: Passion at Work is the first production to be completed. The company is in the early stages of producing their next video, which will focus on the subject of teamwork.

                Rob Chipman     Founder & Executive Producer

                Rob Chipman

   Founder & Executive Producer