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Combining artistry and acumen for a more inspiring workplace

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A film about a chocolate maker who overcame great odds to produce some of the best chocolate bars in the world. Combined with a chocolate tasting and discussion, this experiential learning activity will engage your team and help them work with more passion.

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Who knew chocolate could enhance employee engagement?

Chocolate: Passion at Work is much more than a training film. It’s a fun, interactive experiential learning activity that becomes a powerful catalyst for individual engagement and organizational improvement. Organizations have also found Chocolate to be a motivating addition to any team-building or other corporate leadership event.

The experience not only includes a short documentary-style film, but an actual chocolate tasting (yes, it’s a thing) in which participants will savor some of the best chocolate bars in the world. Once all senses are fully engaged from the tasting, the setting is ideal for an animated and productive discussion about passion in the workplace. This discussion can be the most valuable part of the entire activity.

The answer is chocolate. The question is pretty much irrelevant.
— Annonymous



Not your father’s training film.

The film is an intelligent, new generation of video-based learning that allows key messages to emerge naturally without heavy-handed prompts and explicit instruction. Rather, participants are invited to identify what they think are the important points and to be prepared to share their thoughts in the discussion which follows. Experience has shown that participants are easily able to discover the intended messages, as well as ideas we haven’t even thought of. What’s more, they appreciate an approach which treats them as thinking adults and doesn’t make them feel like they are being “spoon-fed.”


Our goal was to make this a current, authentic, intelligent, memorable, high-quality training experience that corporate trainers, HR leaders and other executives would be proud to present to their associates. We are also convinced that having greater passion will benefit their organizations. One thing is certain: participants will always remember this event and what they learned from it every time they eat chocolate after experiencing this activity.


The biggest mistake that you can make is to believe that you are working for somebody else…The driving force of a career must come from the individual. Remember: Jobs are owned by the company, you own your career!
— Earl Nightengale

What Chocolate will do for you and your team.


Participants will:

  • Become more engaged.
  • Learn how passion impacts quality.
  • Understand that passion at work is a choice.
  • Discover that working passionately leads to higher job satisfaction.


Organization leaders will:

  • Learn what they can do to inspire more passion.
  • Find out what they may be doing to discourage engagement.


When employees are not just engaged, but inspired, that’s when organizations see real breakthroughs.
— Eric Garton

What people are saying about Chocolate.

Organization Leaders:

Our research has shown that "passion at work" is an important or very important topic by over 90% of the training leaders we surveyed. Read what they say after seeing the entire activity in action:

  • “I liked that everyone got something different from the film. People saw it through different eyes.”
  • “The video was excellent. Well-produced.”
  • “High quality production. Engaging story-telling.”
  • “The key points come out naturally.”
  • “The experiential tasting is a cool concept. It’s a compelling training construct.”
  • “I liked the blend of senses – sight, sound, touch, smell, taste – leading up to the discussion.”
  • “I like that it doesn’t throw the subject matter in your face. Feels more like a high quality documentary.”
  • “Provides a sensory, thought-provoking context for discussion.”
  • “It’s effective to have the participants identify the key messages.”


Actual employees who have participated in this activity in their companies, have rated it an average of 4.88 with 5 being "Superior" and 4 being "Excellent." Here’s what they think about it:

  • "It was great! Don't change a thing"
  • "Loved it! Thank you!"
  • "I loved being part of this training!"
  • "I thought it was great. Let's keep doing these kinds of classes."
  • “I really appreciated being able to explore how this film and message applies to me and my unique circumstances.”


Purpose may point you in the right direction, but it’s passion that propels you.
— Travis McAshen

What's Included

The complete learning activity package includes:

  • A DVD
  • A USB drive which contains another version of the film to enable playing from a computer and the Leader’s Guide (including instructions on how to conduct a chocolate tasting)
  • Enough fine chocolate for up to 48 total participants (more can easily be ordered)

The entire experience can be completed in as little as one hour, but we recommend scheduling 1.5 hours to allow ample time for the discussion.


For a full online preview of the film, send an email request to


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How to put Chocolate to work for your organization.


Purchase Option

You can own Chocolate: Passion at Work outright and offer unlimited viewings for as many people as you want at one location for $995. The chocolate is shipped in a chilled, insulated box to prevent melting en route for an additional $22. The initial supply of chocolate for the tasting is enough for multiple groups totaling 48 participants. You can purchase subsequent supplies of chocolate in 48-participant batches on our purchase page for $37.

Rental Option

You can also rent Chocolate: Passion at Work for a limited period of 5 days for $495, plus $22 shipping and handling. There is enough chocolate provided for one group of up to 15 people. Warning: With such a limited supply, be prepared to deal with the disappointment of those who are left out ;-) Please also be aware that the pool of rental copies is limited and you may have to wait until one is available. If you choose the rental option and later decide you want to own it outright, we'll apply the $495 rental fee towards the full purchase price - if ordered within 60 days.


Note: This pricing does not grant a license to load the video on corporate servers for distribution to multiple locations. Please contact us if you are interested in an enterprise license or for online viewing options.

Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with the impact that the Chocolate experiential learning activity has on your organization, you can return the DVD/USB package and we'll refund your money (less the cost of chocolate and shipping).